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E-Learning Stress Management

Code: ESM


The course is divided into three interactive modules:

Module 1 – Pressure and Stress. In this module learners will learn the difference between pressure and stress. They will discover the various reactions and health effects of stress on people. They will also be able to recognise the physical, emotional, behavioural and cognitive symptoms of stress.

Module 2 – What causes stress? This module deals with the common causes of stress at home and at work. Learners will discover that people can have different reactions and coping levels to stressors. They will explore a wide range of stressors, and using scenarios, will consider and reflect on their own reactions to situations they might be faced with.

Module 3 – Managing stress. Using the HSE’s stress management standards, learners will consider the different ways in which stress can be reduced in the workplace. They will also consider personal strategies for managing stress at home and at work.

Completion of the training programme will unlock a ten question knowledge checker quiz.

This will be a multiple-choice test which may be attempted as many times as is required in order to achieve the pass mark.
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