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E-Learning Manual Handling

Code: EMH


The course is divided into four interactive modules:
Module 1 – Basic Principles. In this module learners will explore what manual handling means and the common injuries associated with manual handling. They will also learn about the “see-saw” effect regarding load and balance and how this relates to their own bodies.

Module 2 – Avoiding the risk. In this module learners will be introduced to manual handling law and will focus on the first legal duty – how to avoid manual handling.

Module 3 – Assessing the risk. Learning in the module focuses on what a manual handling risk assessment is and how it is carried out. Learners will be introduced to the HSE’s guideline figures for use as a preliminary assessment and will then learn about the key risk factors (TILE) used for detailed risk assessment.

Module 4 – Reducing the risk. In this module learners will discover a range of control strategies to reduce the risk of injury. They will explore a hierarchical approach and then will be introduced to the principles of safe lifting technique.

Completion of the training programme will unlock a ten question knowledge checker.

This will be a multiple-choice test which may be attempted as many times as is required in order to achieve the pass score.
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