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E-Learning Health & Safety for Homeworkers

Code: EHSH


The course covers the following: 
Electrical equipment - use, maintenance and testing
Using computers and display screen equipment safely 
First aid requirements and incident reporting
Safe manual handling practices
Stress causes and controls
Fire safety practices
Personal safety issues and best practice
Risk assessment principles
The need to complete home worker and DSE risk assessments
Hazard spotting practice

The course is run in three steps: 

Step 1 - deals with home worker training (as outlined above)

Step 2 - is a short knowledge-testing quiz
Completion of the training programme will unlock a ten question quiz. 
This will be a multiple-choice test which may be attempted as many times as is required to achieve the required 70% score. A pass grade will unlock the home worker risk assessment.

Step 3 - is a self-assessed home worker risk assessment
Users will answer a number of questions in relation to their work at home. Self-help guidance will be provided to allow any issues to be resolved but where this is not possible, a nominated manager will be alerted who will take appropriate action to help resolve the issues.
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