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E-Learning Health and Safety for DSE Users

Code: EDSE


The course is divided into three interactive modules:
Module 1 – Principles of good posture. In this module learners will see examples of good and bad posture and will discover the various ill health conditions that are linked to poor postures when working with computers.

Module 2 – Setting up Computer Workstations. In this module, learners will explore how workstations should be set up to fit the user – applying good ergonomic principles - and experimenting with how each component could be adjusted to suit different people’s needs.

Module 3 – Safe Working Practice. Learners will be introduced to safe working practices in relation to taking breaks, eye care, using laptops and using dual screens.

Completion of the training programme will unlock a ten question knowledge checker quiz.
This will be a multiple-choice test which may be attempted as many times as is required in order to achieve the pass grade.

A pass grade will then unlock the DSE self-assessment where users will answer a number of questions in relation to their DSE use. Self-help guidance will be provided to allow any issues to be resolved but where this is not possible, a nominated manager will be alerted who will take appropriate action to help resolve the issues.
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