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E-Learning Driver Safety Awareness

Code: EDSA


The course is divided into five interactive modules:

Module 1 – Introduction. Learners will follow the story of Steve, a worker who is put under pressure to drive to a meeting for a start time that is not achievable. Learners will be introduced to ‘risk assessment’ and the reasons to drive carefully.

Module 2 – Knowledge pit-stop. Learners will take an animated interactive journey. They will ‘drive’ a car and be tested on their knowledge of the Highway Code as they proceed.

Module 3 – Vehicle checks. In this module learners will understand the various pre-use checks to perform before staring out on a journey.

Module 4 – Journey planning. Learners will explore the various factors to be considered when planning a journey including taking breaks, route planning and what to do in an emergency.

Module 5 – The driver. In this module the learner will discover that they are the essential link in the safe driving ‘chain’. They will review safe driving practices and the legal aspects of driving, too.

Completion of the training programme will unlock a ten question knowledge checker quiz.
This will be a multiple-choice test which may be attempted as many times as is required in order to achieve the pass mark.
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